January 31st, 2003

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more snoooow! (leads to the whole transport system in London getting fucked)

Yesterday it snowed so hard we could not get the car out! Our house is on the top of a hill, not that steep a hill really, and there is two roads that run up near our house and cars had to be pushed up them!

It was so weird though it just snowed loads suddenly. It snowed a bit earlier but then we were deluged!

I had my streetcam taking pics yesterday and it was clear and then it was snow lol, the pics...

no snow!
no snow!
no snow!

I have pics on my digital camera and pics when it snowed before! It's really hard to get snow on camera when its falling I have come to realise. I dunno if its cos its white and reflective but unless its storming like the last pic, you see nothing!

I wanna build a snowman! (btw walking your dog in the snow leads to => cold paws! lol)
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Daniel & Ze Doggy

pix posting mood

Whilst I am posting those pics, I keep forgetting to post a cute pic of my doggy :)

It was after the snow had melted in early January (god that sounds like Scandinavia, "and after the snow had melted we went hunting for deer" lol) and he was in the garden and sorrta walked into the camera, of pics I was taking! he looks so cute in it! (little do people know he is really evil and mischievous ;))


i think he got blinded with the flash, but he is fine now, I swear! ;)
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the tube!

The scary thing is that this is a real sign from yesterday and that the transport is still totally fucked up! How come Sweden is -10c and is fine and yet if there is any weather changes in London everything collapses? leaves, wind, heavy rain or snow! bless :)
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Daniel's Hair

Ice Age Britain

[11:59] Devoid Droid: why is there a bbc weather special on? not cos of the national snow disaster i hope!
[11:59] Urban Distinction: ugh no way
[11:59] Urban Distinction: what about the people without snow!
[11:59] Devoid Droid: don't ask me!
[12:00] Devoid Droid: "ice age britain" bbc weather headline!
[12:00] Devoid Droid: on bbc1
[12:00] Devoid Droid: and news 24
[12:00] Urban Distinction: does that mean we get dinosaurs again?
[12:01] Devoid Droid: lol

we still have snow and fucked up everything, but its not actually snowing anymore, its bright and sunny ;)

I really should go and stop posting ;) *mwah*
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