January 26th, 2003

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I never understand the whole superbowl thing. I get random poor American friends to explain it all to me every year and then can never remember the next year :)

It's like a professional American Football team and a amateur one in a final or something?

I like the whole superbowl thing really, I love the big, tall, hunky players in tight pants ;) (sorry but writing the English "tight trousers", just does not work in this case ;))
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Daniel's Hair

electro scary stuff!

oooh going to install the second hard drive now, you may NEVER see me again, when I electrocute myself and/or kill my computer! I must be positive, I'm going to be fine, even without negative comments like this

I shall be back with even more space for hardcore p0rn and website creativity :) (or in hospital either way)
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