January 24th, 2003

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old before my years

I'm so offended, someone searched and found my website online with the term "old and face" LOL
I need a chemical peel facelift now :)
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Daniel Moody

website notice

To all the funky people who host some stuff on my server space/site its going down on Saturday evening (UK Time) for maintenance and coming back on Sunday morning refreshed and a new! *allegedly* it will be more stable etc etc. Here is the science bit

Nothing will be lost or anything, and nothing *should* change, but my urbandistinction email, ftp, site and everything will be down for like 12 hours. (no portal wargh!)

All files will move to the new server automatically etc etc

In similar news I wanna learn php. But it seems so hard! I need php for dummies ;)
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