January 19th, 2003

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I'm gonna sort out my cam portal later today and remove all the people who have been broken for ages or removed their websites and also some people who have not updated their cam since August 2002 lol!

If you're site is gonna be back or anything or you've moved, could you please tell me *mwah*

I have found it really strange. January seems to be the month when loads of domains disappear and go to website heaven off the net! I brought my domain in November 2001 and got two months free due to server problems and so it expired 16th January 2003, but renewed it. (I stuck with alivewww out of loyalty! and their service has got better right? my site is hardly down at all now! lol also I could not be arsed moving stuff).

But so many of my friends sites have disappeared or died since christmas :( I know some don't have the money to buy more hosting etc, but I wonder if this is a annual occurrence.
The New Year is domain name homicide! hehe

In other totally unrelated news, Nominet has finally removed my address from my domain tag and shoppingqueen industries inc has been dissolved! lol It's a miracle! Thank god my address is no longer public for any freak to see.
you can see my brand new, changed, improved whois tag for my domain here and read the original post about my domain saga fun right here
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