January 18th, 2003

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I am fast running out of hard drive space, with the 20gb hard drive I got originally with this puter. At the time I was like 20gb, I will never fill that up, but alas there is 500mb left lol!

Anyway I wanna buy a second hard drive, but the whole thing freaks me out! all my friends are always like the inside of computers is so easy, you can install anything. You'll be fine!.

I remember years ago for my birthday, my family brought me 16mb of ram for my old crappy computer and I was gonna install it myself, but got too scared and my father did it lol.

Anyway I am looking to buy this hard drive. It is 80gb and it is £75.00 (inc VAT) plus £7 to DHL it over to me. The total is £82.00 ($132.27 merry-can dollah, €123.96). It's a very good limited offer price.

I would put it on my credit card (cue amusement and screams), and fit it myself! I have been reading about basic computing online and fitting hardware. I am sure I would be fine! But you might never see me online after fitting ;)

I think I will do it, but am nervous! I guess you have to play around and learn stuff!

I really should update this journal more and have so many pics of dog and snow and dog in snow, but need to resize and post :)
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