January 5th, 2003

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Transgendered Snowpeople

conversation with the fabulous fireloveMiss D...

[00:49] DANielJ UK: *mwah mwah*
[00:51] Rupaul on Acid: *MWAHH!!!!!*
[00:51] DANielJ UK: how are you?
[00:52] Rupaul on Acid: I'm good!! YOU!?
[00:53] DANielJ UK: its so very very cold
[00:54] DANielJ UK: apparnetly it snowed in london this morning but did not settle
[00:54] Rupaul on Acid: Oh that's sad
[00:55] DANielJ UK: i need to move to canada for snow hehe
[00:56] Rupaul on Acid: LOL you should, then you can build a dragqueen snowman! :oD
[00:58] DANielJ UK: i wanna!
[00:58] DANielJ UK: do snow people have genders?
[01:01] Rupaul on Acid: hmmm they could!

It snows in London like once every two years! I love the white and beautiful first snows, but it causes havoc with the transport system and also I hate walking in it, and you nearly break your limbs every few steps ;)
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