December 19th, 2002

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la click

I go to take a new recent pic for my pages and my camera is missing from the cradle! argh I think my brother has borrowed/illegally stolen it! Now he is sleeping so cannot get it back.

Then I think, I shall be really clever and take a shocking pic of the empty crandle and hanging usb cord, and then realise how will I do that exactly without processing film LOL.

Today (wednesday) I realised its exactly one week until Christmas Day! I am so over my christmas breakdown now, I brought all my friends who need presents, gifts from amazon and other websites and spent hours shopping online :) I also did all my international christmas cards finally and gonna post tomorrow morning, so you might get by 2004 ;))

Tomorrow me and daddy-o are putting up christmas tree lights outside. I am going for american white trash christmas chic. I cannot believe my parents would not let me be a 10ft giant santa claus and now they are all sold out!

P.S:- fibre-optic trees are not naff, they are post modern style, and so this new century! I want one. Even our vets had one, so it must be incredibly stylish ;)

P.P.S:- there is a new vet at our vets, who is pretty hot. He is like tall and butch and called Dane. I am gonna have to get more animals now, to see him more lol. I shall open a zoo! (he had loads of piercing holes in one year, but with none in, he is like such a wild rough rebel!)
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Christmas Lists

I give you my Christmas Amazon wishlist

I've never made one before, I'm so proud and sending it to all my relatives :)

I realised today that I am so easy to buy gifts for, because I pretty much like anything someone gets for me and if they cannot think of anything I always love anything from Lush, or Aveda or pretty much anything.

All I ask is NO WINDCHIMES!, I already have 5 of them in my bedroom. As much as I love them, people keep buying me them! I cannot handle anymore :)
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