November 24th, 2002

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My parents went off to New York last Wednesday. For years they have talked about going but have never got around to it. *We* as a family, went to California in about 1991, but never the East Coast. They have some friends who my father used to work with and they have traveled everywhere! So they have forced them to book a holiday hehe. They have all gone together and are back on Monday.

So mass partying here, or just me dealing with everything and doing everything myself bless grrr.

I need to go to bed EARLIER. On Thurs night, I was on the phone to (b)rich discussing the meaning of lives, and on Fri night I watched Celeb Big Brother until about 5am lol and last night I saw Catherine & Stuart after a gig nearby and gave them caffiene. They arrived at 2:30am and I went to sleep at about 5am again lol! I offer cocoa and vodka to anyone after gigs, okay carefully selected none murdering people :)

I hope I get loads of lovely presents from NYC and loads of cheap branded clothes ;)
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