November 14th, 2002

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let the looting begin!

The British firefighters have started their 48 hour strike (story)
I pray my hair does not catch alight argh, before friday!

I think that most of the public don't support them (they want a 40% payrise), and I saw something online about that people will turn on them as soon as the first child dies cos of their strike.

Social blackmail is a funny thing. firefighters want money and strike and putting lives at risk etc, but if a kid dies which always causes emotion than firefighters look like the source of all evil and have no chance of ever getting a pay rise.

If you're in the UK, look out cos everytime the BBC News reports on the whole issue, they have a reporter standing outside Ealing Fire Station lol! we're such a celebrity town :)
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Daniel Moody


My homeopath is a really amazing person. She is the most open minded person I have ever met and she believes that every therapy helps someone or can help someone. I am open minded but have suspicions in some, but she says that you should try them and then judge them. Also she is very good at arguing a point, she always has so much evidence and knowledge and I think it would be really hard to win against her in any subject.

She also does amazingly interesting things like crop circling hunting and all kinds of interesting things. I wanna do some things that seem crazy and look interesting oneday!

Anyway she practices homeopathy, reflexology (I have both) and reiki. I think they have helped my health a bit but not a sudden change. Ironically homeopathic medicines really help as a first aid treatment to me, if I get a headache etc but dont treat my underlying health.

I knew she had a friend staying with her at the moment and she phoned today (my homeopath) and said could her and her friend try some Kinesiology on me. I knew that her friend practices in it and homeopathy and she is leading some conferences and workshops in Kinesiology in London at the moment.

I knew some basic stuff about it, I had heard of kinesiology before. It is a muscle testing therapy. It reminds me a bit of dowsing. (I got really back into dowsing again during October). The therapist can use any muscle to do it on, but normally the arm and its basically asking questions. The session was really weird and involves sorta "tapping" on the muscle on the arm and asking questions. All muscles lead to the brain and so it gives a response and your muscle spasms to give a yes and no answer. Its not really as freaky as it sounds.

Also you can find out things like energy in the body for healing. My energy was 30%, that is so bad, but I guess how clapped out my body is. The rest of the session was increasing energy and seeing which body systems had problems. I had glandular problems and some others, which I first had when I got stick.

I guess its a interesting diagnosing therapy and also can treat as well. At the end of the session my body energy for healing was now at 100% and I felt so weird afterwards. Kindda like on Speed, I felt so light and so much energy.

My homeopaths friend was really amazing she is from Brisbane and a Aborigine. she told me not to try and do loads of stuff today, cos the energy should go to the bodies healing. She had a patient who had it and then came back and felt really awful and apparently that day had re concreted his entire garden lol.

But it was a really weird positive feeling. I feel tired and dead now, but its the first therapy where I have really felt something happen afterwards.

My homeopath is learning this therapy and I would have it again.
really interesting :)
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