October 27th, 2002

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(really 01:08am GMT now)

wow it really buggers up livejournal posting lol it messes up!

It messes up all the history and so have to keep my posts at the old time or they vanish from friends pages and I have to backdate! argh
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(really 01:21am GMT) - Stupidity Defined

Out of the messengers I use, I hate MSN the most. It's so crappy and awful and you get the worst random people who don't read your profile at all before messaging you!

Especially on MSN I frequently get people like this girl tonight, they ask....

a/ are you the lead singer of Silverchair?
b/ are you Daniel Johns?

The Australian rock group SilverChair's lead singer is called Daniel Johns. Which is the same as my name, least the 's!

It pisses me off cos no celebrity would ever use their full names online and don't they bother to look at my profile which has a pic and info on me! grrrrr

I normally reply sarcastically with one of the following choices...

a/ nope sorry!
b/ if I was a celebrity, would I really be chatting with my real name? duh
c/ yes I am, send me all your money now! - I have not tried this one yet, but it may be a way to pay off my credit card lol ;)

hmmm I wonder if my future husband Vin Diesel has icq? the searching begins :)
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