September 28th, 2002

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Current Addictions

Currently I am addicted to:-...

Chic- the band not the style dahhhling!
The Drew Carey Show - It will always remind me of Britta's love for Drew. But really getting into it at the moment and....
my current hero and inspiration and diva!
Oz- getting into it, its violent and you get to see penises and naked muscular guys, yey!

My taste changes so much but that's my currents!
Last night was so weird, everyone I talked to was totally drunk! It must have been get drunk Thursday again!

I am losing my memory as well, I blame my over use of fanta and cola to give me highs. I was looking though my server and clearing crap and don't remember this ole pic at all!

old picture!
I'm losing my memory! ARGH I guess that is when I dyed my hair reddish in April this year, but don't remember taking the photo at all but its uploaded!

The mystery's of my insanity
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Daniel & Ze Doggy

you got mail

Yey I got Nora's mix cd she made me and sent me, in the post from Boston, today!

It's so cool and gorgeous and has semi nude men yey :)

cool cd, cool cd!

It's so cool and not listened to it yet, but has some nice stuff. thanksy :)
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