September 25th, 2002

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I've not updated for some many days, thus making me evil at journalism writing!
I say this every 6 months lol, but I shall start posting something everyday again! (not quizzes ugh).

So yesterday there was a earthquake in the UK, "yesterday" being Monday, 23 September just before 1am. It measured 4.8 on the Richter Scale.

The thing that really annoys me, is that I cannot remember what I was doing at the time! I did not feel it. Although it is kindda sick to say this, I have always wanted to experience a earthquake (and not a simulation in a museum). This quake's epi centre was in the middle of the UK and was felt in most areas of London. I *think* I was downstairs with my mother talking as she was going to bed. My house is 3 stories (I live in the attic) and my father sleeps on the middle floor (this computer is also on the middle floor). He felt the bed shaking but not the rest of the room. It was a real Exorcist type moment lol. He thought he was having a heart attack or something like that! The quake lasted about 30 seconds. My brother was on the top floor in my bedroom watching tv and felt the room shake on that floor. He said it was like when a heavy van/lorry goes past your house and the house and windows shake a bit.

It freaks me out though that I cannot remember it at all! Maybe my brain blocked it out lol. There has been small earthquakes reported in the UK before, but so many this year! and also there is no real fault lines under this country. Apparently there is more and more frequent predicted!

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There was a worse earthquake many many years ago than that in the UK, but no one in the UK has ever died in a earthquake as yet, and not much structural damage was done this time, so it was just a amazing weird thing really!

It feels so wintry now, and yesterday 23/09 was the first day we put the heating on! it's so cold at night. I need more Summer :) I'm moving to Florida, I want a luvly beach side house :))
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Please Sign

I am member of the Amnesty Int urgent action network when they want people to write to countries to release people and take action etc. Their latest campaign is a online petition about international justice, I got this when I signed it...

The new system of international justice, which came about with the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), is under attack. The USA is trying to ensure that US nationals are exempt from ICC jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Act now to protect the international justice system.

Join Amnesty International members and sign the petition below, urging all governments not to enter into these impunity agreements.
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