August 16th, 2002

Daniel Moody

Things I Hate argh!

1/ when you actually plan to work on your own webpage and make stuff, but your entire hosting company is down and everything of yours! My domain seems to have vanished! It better be back tomorrow grrrr :(

2/ it's sooo hot, and everyone is like "oh you feel sick cos of the heat", "you feel tired cos of the heat", "your whole life is fucked up cos of the heat" "the end of the known world is due to the heat". I hate sleeping when hot (and I mean hot in a bad way lol).

3. When you buy a BRAND NEW DVD eg Hedwig and the Angry Inch and you open it and fuck up the cover! This happened to me before, with Aliens or something. All new DVD's come in a thin plastic cover that you have to remove. I could not open the Aliens DVD cover from the ends, and just got some scissors and put it in the middle of the sheeting and basically it went though into the actual DVD box cover argh. The actual covers are the artwork and then thin plastic over that.

Anyway with Hedwig I opened it carefully at the corners and then pulled it and it had a sticker underneath the plastic cover ,and on top of the actual cover, and it got caught on the one and ripped the actual cover across the front argh.

It just pisses me off so much when you buy a brand new thing, that its wrecked. I complained to my father who said "they should not have such thin permanent covers on the boxes, underneath the plastic wrap".

Talking to someone online tonight, this has happened to them as well, so its not just me!

Anyway time for sleep :)
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