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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
yesterday my mobile phone rang and didn't recognise the number, it was withheld and then my voicemail phoned afterwards. Some bastard person/company called and left a spam selling mobile network crap msg! argh!!

So I uploaded it to the internet for everyone to hear and be pissed off right here.

It's in mp3 format. I didn't bother censoring the phone number on it, so anyone is welcome to phone it with abuse when drunk lol.

I recorded my mobile voicemail message here here as well, as my american friends, always wanna hear my crappy voice! (ugh I sound so crap on it).

I made the mp3s by using the mobile interactive panda! lol (I brought it from QVC and its a hands free kit, and it speaks though its mouth, and its head moves! I had that as a loud speaker and recorded it to my computer ,and then used a output plug in for winamp to turn a wav file to mp3!)

oneday I have to take a video of the panda working, its so cute and amusing! I have to work out how video works on my camera.

Current Mood: happy happy

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