August 7th, 2002

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Wireless Highspeed Access Modem Trials

I applied for a Wireless Cable Modem Trial today.

My area is so crappy, in London, a major world city you know? lol My area mostly has a really old cable tv network that was built by a Canadian Cable company in the early 90's called Le Groupe Vidéotron.

They had so much interactive stuff and things, and had the first cable modems and features in Canada. They sold up their UK company and only concentrate on Canada now (mostly Quebec). My area has gone though loads of companies, Cable & Wireless, but now its NTL Home.

"Allegedly" Vidéotron put a really bad network in West London and there is nightmare problems now. It just about does digital tv, and it will be years before cable modems!

This is a trial for wireless, and I just want broadband! I don't want ADSL, cos I don't want to use BT.

My area is kindda near the transmitter for the wireless service, but they need to check I am in visual range. I pretty much doubt it, they will phone up and say its not available in my post code :( but oh well, worth a try!
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Someone keeps sending invitation emails looking for my imood account. Yahoo killed, and my imood account is now here. If you're trying to find my account to add to friends or something again.

Also Kyra are you okay? I am concerned about you after talking last night. It would be faster for me to do this than write a email with my email speeds lol! Hope you're okay! luv

Finally announcing the bands of marriage between..... kiddin!
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