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June 19th, 2002 - Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops — LiveJournal
I don't have to justify myself to you
Logical Conversation with Rich

[00:11] queer duck uk: well done sherlock
[00:11] DANielJ UK: thats ms sherlock to you
[00:12] queer duck uk: mr marple
[00:12] DANielJ UK: poirot!
[00:12] queer duck uk: hmm
[00:12] DANielJ UK: inspector gadget ahoy
[00:13] queer duck uk: yeah, thats you
[00:16] DANielJ UK: you're inspector clueso then!
[00:16] queer duck uk: cluedo?
[00:16] DANielJ UK: no the french one

Current Mood: los amusement

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After the really hot UK weather and humidity, last night at 4am, there was a HUGE thunder storm. I swear it was the loudest I have ever heard in my life!

I live in the attic and the windows are skylights, and so if they are open it rains in, and also if it rains, it sounds like stones on a corrugated iron roof.

I counted the lightning and there was like 1 second before the thunder, it was like right over my house! First time I have ever been freaked in a thunderstorm and there was so much hail. Our animals got freaked.

After getting woken up by the sound and closing the windows, I fell asleep and apparently there was more during the night and more to come! It's still really summery and hot.

My father and I are still not speaking lol. Sometimes people are wrong about stuff ;)

Current Mood: amazed

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