June 12th, 2002

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Injury by oven chip

I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep *again* lol.

I had oven chips with my lunch (I am just the epitome of health dahhhling), and I was eating one and it went down my wind pipe /airway tube type thing (technical medical term). I choked and it came back into my mouth and I chewed it and digested it properly.

However the chip was a little spiky at the sides and it managed to give me a sore throat, all yesterday evening argh. Is that possible? I gave myself a sore throat with a chip lol.

I watched the UK premiere of Six Feet Under tonight (now Monday night) and it was really cool. Really dark but really funny. You feel like uncomfortable about it, but laughing at things happen and people breaking down.

Shit happens, we all die in the end.

American Translation:~ Chip = Fries
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Daniel Moody

I don't know where the story ends

Today was a bit shitty then.

If I am still semi sleeping, my mum calls from work at like 10am to wake me up and speak to me each day. I was sortta deeply sleeping and heard the phone ringing.

I got up and went to answer it. There was a women there about my grandma. She said she was from (I swear she said CTU which is so 24 lol!) but a support unit (my grandmother has an emergency help button, and they have to go and try and contact her if she presses it). Apparently my grandma had started bleeding everywhere as the person put it and had been taken to hospital.

I got off the phone and looked at the bedside clock and realised it was 5am!! It was not 10am. My parents were awake then and told them about this all and then went back to sleep. Several other people phoned but I slept though it.

My parents rushed off to where my grandmother lives which is 3 hours away and apparently she had internal hemorrhaging, which means she has some cut or something inside her that is bleeding. Apparently there was blood all over her house, it was bad. She is in hospital and weak and okay. She has to have blood replacement and she might have to have surgery.

As she gets older she has more and more stuff. She really NEEDS to be in a place where she has 24 hour care. I hope she will be okay.
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