June 10th, 2002

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How come if I don't update my journal for a few days I get death threats and messages saying update! People are crazy.

oh I forgot to write this before. My old email address shoppingqueen@geocities.com died in a horrific yahoo based accident. I paid to keep my address, and they kept shoppingqueen98@yahoo.com and pop access but not that! I didn't use anything geocities related much anymore anyway.

But if you have me on imood.com my email has changed from shoppingqueen@geocities.com to my current and forever more (well till I forget to pay the bill lol) daniel@urbandistinction.co.uk

Now I am going to sleep and either a/ get drunk b/ watch big brother most of the night on E4 c/ dream of hot boys or d/ fall asleep in a coma type situation with the lights and everything left on which normally happens lol.
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