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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
Today was weird, like not good but not really bad! just odd!

I woke up and could not reply to text messages that I got during the night on my mobile or write to friends. It kept saying "operator error". I tried to call my mobile network from my phone, and it said "you are not allowered to call this number" (I think its extremely stupid to block calling the help line! lol).

Apparently my phone is blocked because I spent over £70 this month on it! That's $102.52 apparently argh. I am sorry but there is NO WAY I would spend that much. My maximum is like £40. My parents wont help me unblock it, so I have to wait till the 1st June, till it clears! ARGH

So I am sorry if you text me, I cannot reply unless I get online and use a sms gateway. grrrr

So apart from being blocked it was okay. My councillor went okay. I saw the ER episode with Mark dieing and did not cry that much. awwww But then Ruby Wax and Sophie Ellis Bextor was on V.Graham Norton and was V. funny.

It's supposed to be hot and nice weather this weekend, yet was just humid and rained all day today! There is two bank holidays on Monday and Tuesday for the Queen's Jubilee. We don't even own a flag bless lol

Current Mood: mellow mellow

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fansign by D!

D is so lovvvvvely for doing it!

Current Mood: loved loved

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