May 23rd, 2002

Daniel's Hair

Beee yourself

Last Sunday, whilst walking the dog in a local park I saw this guy in a white suit, and thought he was taking a cutting off a tree and was really paranoid that he was like testing for nuclear radioactivity or something. (he was wearing like the white suit and head thingy).

He was actually removing a bee hive from outside of a children's play park, and he was crazee! He was putting it in a big cardboard box and looking for the Queen to put in, cos they all follow the queen bee,but there was like a cloud around the top of the box.

I prefer bee's to wasps, but always thought as a child it was so sad that bee's die after they have stung you and wasps don't grrr.

Tomorrow is the 3rd session with the councillor. Miss Colleen is right that you look forwards to it sorrta. Although I get stressed before every appointment. I must write all about it argh, must post! He said I am really judgemental of myself in the first week which is true, and D said that I could have told you that! lol

Smallville had its season finale today in the UK, oneday after America! That was the first American series of this season 2001/2002 to finish in the UK so far.
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Daniel's Hair

we're shopping!

I'm going shopping! I hope I come back alive.
Catherine I am using the Asda in Bournemouth philosophy and gonna push my trolley and accidentally bump into all the hot men lol. I am not leaving without a husband or 5.
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