May 22nd, 2002

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Some stupid horrid person (constraint of language used), posted a major plot in a subject line of a post in a newsgroup I read regularly, about the series "24" that I love.

I was so mad after seeing it last night, because for once I don't want to know any spoilers and plots for it at all. It would ruin the suspense. Normally I am always looking up soap and ER and Friends future plots online, but I didn't want to know anything and did not read any websites with spoilers about 24.

ugh but now my mind wants more. I must not look up any more info about how "24" ends but argh that subject line makes me want more!

Hilarious line from Golden Girls yesterday. Sofia becomes a nun, and Blanche says before Sofia joins up, "honey the name is a big clue to the job, none" lol. I may have quoted it badly, but it was tres amusing.

LJ has gone insane, Sexy Seattle James as his name will forever now be saw dead people on his journal (okay dead journals) and today my friends list has gone up dramatically!

LJ seems to have brought back all the dead journals, and added them to friends but they are still deleted lol. creepy
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