May 6th, 2002

Daniel's Hair

so much to say, such little time :)

There is always so much I want to write but I always run out of time!

I leave my journal until like between 12am and 2am, before going off to bed and then always fall asleep or something and don't have time to write what I want.

I have so much to say but never say it lol

I did so much this weekend and will have to write a big post tomorrow ;)
I am such a raver!
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Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I lost my mobile phone! ARGH
some how last night in bed, it's vanished!

I need access to text messages damn it *nervous breakdown*.
The investigation into my bed continues!
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found my phone dahhhlings, the panic is over!

I was texting good night to Tsai last night and I always fall asleep with lights on and tv on and phone somewhere in bed on. I normally leave the tv on some weird channel and wake up with like tv travel shop lol.

After 3 hours of searching my phone was found like in the mattress under the bed lol. fuck knows argh cos it's now smaller it's so easy to lose!

I always lose stuff temporary all the time, but that could not be found anyway! I thought someone broke in the night and stole my phone and didn't even wake me up to sleep with me! how rude ;)
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