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April 30th, 2002 - Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops — LiveJournal
I don't have to justify myself to you
Ellen thinks I am Sweet hearted but I think I am more bitchy and insane ;)

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This is my actual list of stuff I want for my birthday on Thursday, that I gave to my family....

o clothing - various funky tops and trousers!
o american football shirt - I dunno what team, I don't support anyone, I just watch briefly for the players not the scores lol. But I want a shirt, but I dunno what colours. I want one in the coolest colours, I don't care what team it is lol. (I am such a good sports fan type person).
o Babyliss Hair Braiding Machine - I want one dammit! and beads. There is a hilarious AIM conversation about the dangers of braiding between me and Miss Tristanna, that I have to find and post one day. It was so funny ;)
o Sleepy Hollow - DVD
o The Haunting - DVD
o Moulin Rouge - 2 CD DVD Box Set (I suspect someone may have brought me the soundtrack, but could be wrong, or right!)
o New Mobile Phone Handset - got this already last weekend for £0.00 so I need something else as well as it. Maybe more covers, I love furry and colourful bright phone covers lol.
o The League Of Gentlemen
- Series 1 DVD
- Series 2 DVD
- Live at Drury Lane DVD
- Book
o Alan Titchmarsh - "How To Be A Gardener Book One"- book
o Shakira - "The Laundry Room" - CD Album
o India Arie - "Acoustic Soul" - CD Album (title courtesy of Kyra)
o Alicia Keys "Songs in A minor" - CD Album
o Anastacia "Freak of Nature" - CD Album

will I get any of the stuff on it on the 2nd May? Nobody knows!

Please to my close gift buying friends reading this, DON'T BUY ME A WINDCHIME! As much as I love them, I cannot handle another one! I already have 6 in my bedroom lol ;)

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic

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I cannot believe that ITV Digital (formally On Digital) is closing down at 7am tomorrow.
A big media broadcaster and having 1 million customers and they lose everything but some free channels tomorrow.
I feel worst for the poor staff who suddenly have no job, and for the people who have paid for the service for 12months! argh

ITV Digital Goodbye Signs on Channels Rich sent me that cool site

BBC Story about the whole thing

It is amazing that idots running a company can turn it into such a mess!

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Current Music: Moby - Porcelain

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