April 15th, 2002

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charlotte's neon fashion coloured spiders web ;)

I forgot to write yesterday, that whilst painting the fence I saw this tiny little spider which had got his legs in the fence paint and were orange! I said to my dad to save him and he pointed out the fence paint was natural save and all that etc. Orange sounds weird, but it dries like sortta new wood colour, it's good!

I saw that spider with orange legs and another mostly orange! I swear there is gonna be something on the news "newsroom southeast", *strange spider found, not sure what tropical country it is from and it's unknown if it is dangerous or not*. lol

I suddenly realised today that every 7 eleven in the UK is gone! They all were sold off, whilst I was sick and never leaving the house, now they are crappy weird "B2" things. How am I gonna get a all American, all colourants slurpee now?
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