April 12th, 2002

Daniel & Ze Doggy

song of the week

I really should update more stuff in my journal weekly or monthly and not yearly lol, said the lazy whore

song of the week: Destiny's Child - Nasty Girl (Azza's Nu Soul Mix). cos I love to scream at people now "Nasty put some clothes on"

Last weeks song was Missy Elliott - 4 My People (Basement Jaxx Remix).

I love the video and song from Shy FX called "Shake Your Body". It has a brilliant video with people dancing and then it goes dark and the dancers have ultra violet light on them and there is awesome colours :)
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Mellow Yellow

DOCUMENTARY: When Hippies Ruled the World
Channel: BBC 1
Date: Wednesday 10th April 2002
Time: 22:35 to 23:30 (Already shown)
Duration: 55 minutes.
VideoPlus: 263749
The series which takes a nostalgic look at the popular culture of years gone by takes a trip back to the era of psychedelia, hippies and free love. From 1967 to 1970, as mind-expanding music was provided by Jimi Hendrix and the Doors, thousands of hippies turned on, tuned in and dropped out at Woodstock. And the whole experience was captured on film by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in 'Easy Rider'

Yesterday there was a programme about hippies on BBC one, and I so wish that I had been a hippie. I really do!

I just wanna be in a permanent psychedelic trance. I nearly told my parents during it that I had done LSD, cos they were talking about mind altering drugs etc but didn't.

But was such a good time. I was born in 79, and missed out on so much really.
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The stuff happening with the Sema LJ client is so sad (info here)

I wrote a message in one of the discussions saying what the hell is happening to livejournal? (here)

I really believe in the end livejournal will destroy itself, the community is being killed already and people cannot write stuff anymore without it being removed by admins.

visions started all the crap, and is my wanker of the day.
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