April 9th, 2002

Daniel Moody

Bosom Buddies

Why is Tony Blair getting so close to Bush argh!

He was supposed to go there and talk about peace and suddenly he is spouting Bush crap argh. Maybe he was hypnotised!

A lot of people in the UK and in his government will be pissed at him when he gets back!

I don't want the UK supporting America, why should we get involved with Bush Jr's stupid war plans. He just wants Saddam's head on a stick so he can be a proud president, or start a 3rd world war and destroy half of the world.

I used to like Blair as prime minister, but dislike him now :( I don't want to get bombed though stupid shit.
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Queen Mother

From Radio Times online TV schedule for tomorrow...


BBC1 schedule changes

Please note:

5:35pm The Queen Mother: the Grandsons' Tribute - replaces Neighbours, which will be shown on BBC2 at 6:00pm
6:00pm Her Majesty The Queen: a Message of Thanks - followed by BBC News
6:35pm Regional News and Weather - five minutes later than billed
7:00pm The Queen Mother: Unique Natural Grace - replaces Holiday, which will be shown on 12 April
7:30pm Undercover Cops: 4x4 Reports - as billed

The Queen's message of thanks will also be broadcast live on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and all BBC radio services around the UK. The address will also be streamed on BBCi at bbc.co.uk.


BBC2 schedule changes

Please note:

5:15pm Weakest Link - as billed
6:00pm Neighbours - from BBC1
6:20pm The Simpsons - 20 minutes later than billed
6:45pm The New Adventures of Superman - 25 minutes later than billed
7:30pm TOTP2 - 25 minutes later than billed
7:55pm Her Majesty The Queen: a Message of Thanks - repeat from BBC1 with signing
8:00pm University Challenge Reunited - as billed

I only included some of the email but argh!
I cannot handle it anymore.

I am sick of the Queen Mother, the whole thing is actually turning me anti-royalist. I am sad she died, but before I did not love or hate the Royal Family, I thought it was just sad if they went, but really do I need 3 billion hours of tv/radio/media funeral news?

Someone wrote on a website that they were pissed that the media kept going on about the Queen Mother "did so much in her life". eg in the war she talked to people who lost their homes. Yet she went home to her huge mansion, when poor classes of people had no shelters from bombs! The person wrote that she had actually done nothing in her life and was just paid for by tax.

I think that is quite extreme, but I do agree that she was not a saint, she was just a old lady and never did anything bad but never was a pop star or a aid worker or a diplomat. She just had a pampered aristocratic life.

I am never gonna escape TV schedule changes!
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