April 5th, 2002

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Crying on the Phone

Once again proof of my "old people are not sweet-n-innocent theory"

My parents went to visit my grandmother today, and did some things that annoyed her (and are quite frankly too boring to write, well okay they left cups out washed up and not put away and left a note for her cleaner/carer to say some areas of the house need a good clean, which is true, they were black with dirt! - obviously cutting off family behavior)

Then my grandmother just phoned me a few minutes ago crying after they left!

I have to say that these days elderly people are my least favourite members of any community. They have beliefs and ways of doing things that they won't change now and expect others to listen to their criticism and racism and all sorts and agree and be on their side. It's a bit unfair to say "all old people", but they are not retired and relaxing gracefully. Like any other person they can be nasty or bitchy, but perhaps more so as they don't understand others emotions at times. Also when I had my job, they always tried to get the lowest price possible on anything, they could steal or con as much as anyone. I have written about this before, and it shocked me at the time!

My grandmother is really old and frail and 88 years old but like today reverted into a child! She really should be in a home but refuses to go.

I hope that when I am old, I am not alone in a house for hours and hours a day, I would rather be in a community with other people and surf the net at 90 years old hehe.

I always seem to be the person my grandmother complains to though argh.

I feel sad for her and sympathy, but I know her and my parents drive 3 hours there and back at least once a month, and this poor carer does WAY more than she should really and when my parents arrive they have to deal with all her problems, like letters and paying bills and cheques. They go all that way to do stuff that would not need doing if she was in a home where she was coping.

I love all my family really I swear, they are just insane!
My grandma cut me off after crying and telling me all her problems.
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