March 31st, 2002

Daniel Moody

RIP news

it is really sad that the Queen Mother died today at 101, but it is not really a surprise. People don't live forever, nobody does.

But I was annoyed that every single channel goes to news, including most BBC channels and radio. For hours!! What happens if you hate the royal family, what entertainment are you supposed to watch when all your fave shows are cancelled?

I don't hate them or insanely love them and her death is sad, but can news going out about it for like 6 hours on most channels really be justified? Especially with all the news channels now. Channels either went to news or had a message at the bottom or suspended broadcasting (like QVC).

I was worried that the '24' marathon on BBC2 would be cancelled, but it was still on in the end.

In totally brilliant linking, in 24 hours, I am gonna be traveling! argh so scared.
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Daniel Moody


Packing my stuff and going soon argh

I am so nervous and basically having a breakdown today hehe, it will be fine!
If I ever write here again argh!

But if you wanna contact me, you can text my phone on my user info page or just send a email like normal. I will probably try and get on aim on the web and write in my journal what I have done by the sea hehe.

I can't stop singing Madness "Driving in my Motor Car" honk honk!
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