March 29th, 2002

Daniel & Ze Doggy

Secret Vacationing

I told a few of my friends about this but not everyone , so announcing it
now baybee!

My Fag Hag has been persuading me for weeks to go to her new place in Bournemouth. A seaside town, on the coast, far south of London.

I have not been on holiday since as family we went to Spain in 1996, a
few months after I got ill.

I am going on Sunday night at 12am and it takes about 2 hours to get
there in a car, and then staying until about Wednesday.

I am really anxious and nervous!

here are the reasons why....

o driving down in a car, spending more than 2 hours in a car , not done that since I first got unwell
o staying in somebody else's place, outside of my *safe* place
o staying in another bed other than my own

I guess I am nervous/anxious/insane about loads of stuff. Basically because I have not done it and I will be fine, I do not need to worry. It will be good fun and lovely :)

Unless I go insane and have a nervous breakdown whilst I am there.
Sunday is gonna be a really bad day argh, like stressing all day until
going. I just gotta remember my currently affirmation "I am going to
Bournemouth and having a good time, everything is going to be fine. I can
deal with anything thrown at me

They have ADSL so will probably try to get on AIM lite thingy and my journal hehe.

I cannot believe I am going on holiday.

I guess my health has improved, because for years I never even left the

It's so weird my house is going to be empty next week apart from the cats!
(my brother has gone to Greece today with his school and my parents are
going to Dorset on holiday with the doggy).

I should not say my house is empty in case one of my friends then decide to
burgle me ;)

I am starting packing :)
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Daniel Moody

Energy Usage

the lovely/wanker Mr Bush depending on your political slant has taken money from solar energy projects in order to print booklets for his energy policy plan.

The news story on yahoo is here

Cheney was quoted as saying "environmentalists are relying too much on renewables and conservation to solve the nation's energy problems.

America is possible the least environmentally friendly country in the world! Central Europe is really really into recycling and you can get fined if you do not sort out your rubbish properly. In my house and area there is a "green box" which is emptied each week and can take metals/paper/glass etc. I wish it did plastic recycling though.

I guess Bush has money in energy companies, and saving the world reduces his shares!
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