March 26th, 2002

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We have a major incident!

Britney's film premiered in the UK last night, for release this Friday, but she made a major faux pas!

news story - she arrived one hour late for her own premiere and people were so pissed off waiting that she was booed by all the crowds as she was rushed inside! lol

It also doesn't help that "Crossroads" is the name of a majorly bad UK soap as well as her movie.

I think they are gonna have to take on 3million more promotion people ;)
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The Oscars

I watched highlights of the Oscars last night, as could not be bothered to watch the whole thing during the night.
My dad got really pissed off at the start and walked upstairs saying it was so like pro American congratulating and stuff.

The thing that I always say is that the Oscars are not international worldwide film awards, they are the American Academy's film awards. They have just become over 74 years the biggest film achievement in the world. They are still one countries opinion on films though.

The UK has the BAFTA awards and British people win, so it annoys me when my parents get pissed that British people do not win Oscar's.

I think they are overrated though. I find any awards with a dodgy behind-the-doors academy rather odd. These people are saying their choices, but it's all very political really. To not make the awards look stupid in the media.

I muchas prefer awards where people vote from home, at least it is what the people who listen to music or watch the films really think. Although maybe they are made up votes.

I do like the Oscars though, the statue and honour but not so much the ceremony.

I think it's really sad that Beautiful Mind, won best film, when Lord of the Rings should probably have won the Oscar. Can a film win best film if it is really so inaccurate of the facts when it is supposed to be "factual" on someone's life?

Person Observations:-

~ Halle Berry is so gorgeous and fabulous. I loved her speech and it was not fake, it was her real emotion! I'd sleep with her!

~ John Goodman has a really good voice, and always makes me laugh ;)

~ I think it should be made internationally illegal for Paul McCartney to perform in any country solo. He is truly awful, and has no stage presence. His present solo album flopped in the UK but has somehow become massive in America. My parents always say "The Beatles were always better together".

~ Denzel Washington is such a chocolate god, I swear everyone in the world finds him hot. I have never met anyone who does not fancy him lol

~ Josh Hartnett is my current obsession. He is so hot and has such a deep voice! Although honey change your hair! It's turning so horrific early 90's stylee. He will turn into Noel-n-Liam anytime soon.

~ Ron Howard has aged so badly since Happy Days! Good lord he has the worlds biggest forehead/head combined in the world.

~ How did Amelie not win best foreign film? :(

I suddenly realised something when Sidney Poitier was speaking after getting an achievement award.

The audience sitting there was like 100% white! There was about 15 black people in the entire place. I suddenly thought that is the whole film industry really these Hollywood upper class white people? There was very few minorities in that audience and celebrities at the show.

I also REALLY HATE, when a black person is on stage or a gay person, the camera shows someone in the audience who is also gay or black. That is so like offensive! Maybe they do it because the human mind needs to see another black person watching them or it will explode or something!

But if a black person was on that stage, suddenly the camera is showing fellow black people in the audience and when Ian McKellen was on there, it was showing gay people!

Of course if there was a straight white female or male on the stage then it just showed anyone, but mostly "glamorous female stars".

Is there film racism still now? How many Black or Asian or Latino people are the major character in a film?

The biggest oddity of all, is that the biggest cinema of all is from India. Bollywood films make more money and are watched more than any western films in the world. How come major Bollywood releases are never recognised by anyone in Western cinema?
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