March 24th, 2002

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Pretentious Poetry

The poor little pretty girl
only 15 or 16 year old
she was already really down
and depression had taken its toil
yet she had not even reached a quarter of her life

She could do so many things
she could really have anything she wanted
anyone can do anything they want really, nothing holds anyone back really
we are all just scared
we live in fear

she was down
in her own little life
yet she was pretty, and no one knew on the outside
is it selfish for her to want to kill herself?

looking at her own life she just saw depression and it being so bad
but maybe she needed another view point?
in our minds we hardly see anything really, just a tiny speck of truth
maybe if she had realised everyone really loved her and she had nothing to be down about, things would have ended differently
everyone's life is worth something
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(no subject)

Why was Ms. Celine Dion miming on Top of the Pops this week?

I thought (allegedly) she could *sing*!
Obviously really badly miming to her new song, is the way to go baybee to relaunch your career!
I prefer Sheryl Crow relaunching currently ;)
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