March 20th, 2002

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Stressful Days

Yesterday was so fucking stressful and meeting Rich was actually totally cool and fine, it's just the rest was shit, and I got depressed at the end grrr. I swear in 12 hours I got whatever shit was thrown at me all the time, anything happened! ARGH

First me & rich pics...

Rich, in my street, outside my house!

wargh it went blurred!

my head is cut off, god bless digital cameras, trying to take pics yourselfs! ;)

The day started and I woke up and one of our pets had had a accident in the top bathroom near my bedroom on the bath mat (is that the right word? you stand on it when you step out of the shower/bath). My father cleaned it up, but I washed it in the washing machine and hung it out to dry.

Then I opened the door of the fridge and all the power to it was off! I phoned my father, oh yeah its broke grrr. Remove anything "valuable" (eg frozen prime mince) and put it in the freezer in the garage.

The Fridge/Freezer has had problems ever since The Mouse Incident (isn't it really weird when you have archives of your life online lol!). Maybe when it was 'round the back it ate though part of a cable for the power. I changed the fuse in the plug and the fridge and freezer made sounds and the inside light came on *dim*.

I went off and started getting ready and the doorbell rings. A friend of ours who is a plumber came over (actually it scares me and saw me in the street when I was high on acid once with huge pupils, lol bless). He was clearing the drains and sewer with acid, as our neighbours blocked it. He said don't flush the toilet for as long as possible.

I was having a breakdown about meeting Rich and was like going to the toilet every 5 mins, with anxiety and panic lol! So that did not last long!

I went and met Rich at the station, and was talking on my mobile phone to him at the time. I got really paranoid (cos there is currently really high phone crime in the UK) and was like holding it with it with a cord from the case wrapped around my hand lol! I am so paranoid. Rich said "just tell anyone who tries to rob you, that it's too old to do ring tones!" hehe

Had a good time with Rich and he went home at about 6pm, and the plumber came back for money from my father! argh

My father came home late cos he was having dinner with people at work. He was "entertaining" them from abroad and was paid for it, but he came home at 11pm and my mum came home at 10pm argh!

I was so mad and pissed off when they got home. They complained that I did not move stuff outside from the broken freezer. It was still cold inside, cos the freezer seemed okay, just the fridge was fucked.

I went to bed really pissed off and stressed out.

I had a bath today and realised why I was pissed off, because I am not appreciated for anything I do. I was seeing a friend yesterday and all this shit was dumped on me.

It was cool seeing Rich though, and he finally taught me how to text message from mobile phones with (weird autofilling ) texting methods (e.g. miss Catherine's. I know how to do it now, you just press the keys once and it autofills the words! Only took me years to work that out ;)
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Bitch Fights - the movie

There is huge rowing currently in my house, and now no one is talking to each other and everyone is in separate rooms lol!

It amuses me. I started it, I just like suddenly started shouting at my parents, I guess I could not keep it in anymore. It's weird the anger just appeared and I flipped and I was really shaking, maybe its a epilepsy thang.

My family always just ignores anything and just carries on without talking about *things*, it's so terribly English! e.g. "I'm gay", that's nice dear, not talked about for the next 3 years!

I just started yelling that I am sick of having to end up handling EVERYTHING that happens in this house and I get no appreciation for anything I do. I am not a slave!

I wonder if anyone will talk to each other before the end of the evening?

I go though the shouting stage, than the amused by it all stage and then soon it will be the crying stage.

I just want tranquillisers, but they don't prescribe them anymore in the UK, only in very rare cases :(
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If you send me a text message though livejournal, can you tell me your email address or instant messenger name/number/etc, cos some people have sent me messages recently and I cannot contact them back (unless they don't want contacting back).

If you send and you have a livejournal account, it tells me your account name, but if not, I don't have anything about you to reply too :(