March 15th, 2002

Daniel & Ze Doggy

Dog Eat Dog

So earlier I was really upset.

My dog has been ill for a few days. He normally gets bad stomachs fairly often but he was eating really fine. He could not jump up places eg the sofa or beds like he normally does, and seemed down!

My father took him to the vet on Wednesday night and the vet said that his heart was beating more than usual and he had a temperature and his tongue was quite blue. Also he had "fluid" on the lungs but it was not really serious. He was given a injection and to come back the next day (today).

Tonight my mum took him and he saw the head vet person type thing, and he said that my dog was doing a lot worse like generally and did not have that long to live :((

My dog is as pedigree King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the problem with them (and many other breeds) is they have heart problems genetically. He always has had a slight heart murmur and is always thin (I guess high-metabolism). He has been on drugs for it for a while, but the vet said that it had got worse.

The vet was very pessimistic (and apparently he had the same breed and it went and he kept it on drips and stuff with drugs to slow the heart down and it got worse, so he was really telling my mum about it).

I was really upset about it, but I think he was being overly negative. He is better already and jumping on beds and people. I think maybe this was some kind of virus thing (the reason for all the current symptoms was that his heart was working faster and he was not getting enough air (his tongue was a bit blue) and so he could not do things like jumping). However this has improved.

He is 5 years old and 6 this year and basically if they can get drugs controlling the heart he could live for loads more years!

He is a real character and I think I am gonna have a nervous breakdown if he dies :( I am feeling better now though than I did earlier when I found out all this stuff.

I guess really it is about what he is currently feeling like and he does seem happier already ;)
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