March 14th, 2002

Daniel Moody

80's TV

Everyone always tells me to watch The Golden Girls. I never have watched it before until about a month ago. It was shown on British TV when it was being shown originally but a channel is showing it again now.

It's so awesome, really funny! Rich forced me to start watching hehe, although I am sure Dorothy used to be a man!

Anyway I think that it handled quite controversial topics for its days (in the mid eighties). There was one episode where one of their friends comes to visit and she is now gay. That must have been really hard to get shown in that time, especially as it was a very prominent storyline.

In today's episode Sofia starts talking to a black guy on the beachfront and he has Alzheimer's in the end, but that must have been hard to get shown at the time. She makes the joke later on that "she hasn't even slept with him yet ,and you know what they say about a black man in bed"! LOL

I always remember a interview with Roseanne, and that she had so much shit about some issues from the network over her wonderful (and still one of my faves) sitcom. The network really protested that she had friends who were gay and also black in the story's. Isn't that really shocking? She was also dictated too about language for certain things, e.g. "sanitary protection" had to be carefully worded for a joke, wtf?

I guess that in the UK there was never the Southern States who were shocked to have black people on TV and stuff. I remember a interview with the black gurrrl from Star Trek (I forget her name). She was one of the first ever black people on National American TV and Star Trek was banned in many of the southern states, cos a black female was a fairly main character, it's really shocking!

I remember when Queer as Folk started in the UK in 1999, some groups of people were very shocked because basically it showed gay people having fun! *gasp*. If TV shows gay people enjoying themselves it's obviously so shocking. It's weird. I remember people were shocked the most that a 15 year old guy wanted to sleep with a older guy. At the time the age of consent was 21, it's now 16. but it was a huge controversial issue! oh my god he's 15!

Oh please, I slept with a guy when I was younger than that, and I notice the American version the same character is now 17.

Watching various American guests on UK talk shows recently they have all said that UK TV gets away with WAY more stuff than in America. Charlotte from Sex and the City said that things like Sex and the City and Queer as Folk are on premium pay channels, but the other public channels cannot do anything to risky or the bible belt complain and call the channel immoral!

I personally don't think the UK TV gets away with all that much, so much is cut or censored and we cannot see stuff, even at 1am!

I do think it is amazing that the golden girls did gay and black storylines, at the time they could have been killed for it! I guess it's all about pushing boundaries for that time.
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I forgot to say that the British tried to do their own version of The Golden Girls called The Brighton Belles allegedly it was so bad it died after 4 episodes and has never been talked about again! lol

It should be made an international law that countries should never make their own versions of drama or comedy TV programmes, it's always v.bad!
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So the Microsoft X-Box was finally released in the UK last night at 12am and people started buying in Oxford Street etc. We are always so far behind America & Japan with consoles. I don't think I will buy it, I have my SNES and I am NEVER selling it. hehe

Anyway I saw that you can get a Xbox logo for your mobile phone and I go to the site here and you can have an Official logo for only £1.90 (US$2.70) paying by credit card or £3.75 (US$5.33) calling a premium rate number! What the fuck? That much money just for a logo for your phone! God logos and ringtones used to be free and now cost basically anything! Totally rip off. There is even a ringtone tv channel on sky! lol

Why would you even want to buy an "official logo", just draw a X on your screen, god I am becoming so senical lol