March 12th, 2002

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Things I have learned today

1. D and me both emailed Rupaul ages ago and D got a reply and I never did! WARGH bitch fight ;)

2. If someone deletes their live journal, they have 30 days to undelete but are removed from your friends list and friends of list. BUT they can still see your private friends entries ! ARGH ARGH ARGH An embarrassing situation occurred today when I found out someone I wrote about had been reading all the entries! doh!! lol
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Björk live

Björk is live on the new BBC channel BBC Four at 9pm. It's recorded at the Royal Opera House in London from last year, but showing live tonight.

I cannot get the channel *weep*, but its being broadcast live on the net...


There is lots of info on there as well :)

The show is on at 9pm, or 4pm EST or 45 mins from the date of this posting in my journal!
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