March 10th, 2002

Daniel Moody

There is a queer in the chat room!

So I woke up this morning at about 11:00am and went and chatted in Yahoo! Chat for a while. The place always freaks me out, especially the voices of the people.

Anyway instead of the gay chat room, I went to the British Chat room. I rarely chat anymore online in rooms, just to people on various instant messaging programs. I chatted in WBS all the time but the whole community was killed by Disney.

I had forgotten how much I hated some British people, and there was some men in there talking on the audio chat and some stupid women.

So this women says "look at shoppinqueen98's profile he's gay!" Like it is some big shock and I felt like I was in a steel room with a crowd of people and everyone is like pointing at me saying "queer" and I cannot escape.

I got mad ,and muted the audio chat and didn't hear the rest of what she said. Nobody wrote anything publicly in the chat room and I turned the sound on again like immediately and no one responded to that. Maybe she is really homophobic? But most men are normally the people with the problems, she was probably drunk or high on crack or something.

Also I keep getting messages from men chatting me up and asking me a/s/l and shocked I was male! god like the username "shoppingqueen" is not at all a hint to homosexuality, and I hardly have a fake profile.

Some straight men and women are really so stupid. Some man pmed me and asked how busty I was? I was gonna play along ,cos I was bored and eating breakfast hehe.

Chatrooms annoy me these days cos no one ever looks at peoples info! Does no one ever read profiles or info things anymore?

I didn't like quit the chat room when the women said "look at my profile", I thought why should I leave? There is no 'no homosexuals' sign on the front! Actually I did get messages from people who were gay or bi in the room, so I was not exactly the odd one out.

I guess the rooms are mostly men who want a women to get them off ;)
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