March 2nd, 2002

Daniel's Hair

Things I Realise Today

I love Cybil Shepard, Nelly Furtado, India Arie and Gloria Estefan.
I dislike greatly Mary J Blige, lame ass hosts of American awards ceremonies (why are they always so bad? and who the hell was the host of the Grammies!), the fact that I cannot remember the name of the guy in U2 that I fancy and Prince Phillip who always seems to offend everyone, why is he alloweed to speak? It should be a international law that he is not alloweed to say a word in public.

It's so dangerous to get aromatherapy oils in the post these days, just ask Tony Blair ;)
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Daniel's Hair

Rugby Guys

Wales beat Italy today in rugby 44-20 and Wales had the cutest arse's and one of their players had the same surname as me! (My family is Welsh).

The circle of life continues
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Weird Websites

BBC Staff Emergency Page

That page is so strange, someone found it online, it has any problems currently going on in the BBC buildings around the UK. eg is there is a bomb or fire, the really strange thing is that it has not been updated since Nov! lol
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