February 25th, 2002

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Everything is evil these days

grrrr my website has been down a lot again today and this whole weekend and not been able to collect email from the domain all day! grrrr It is really annoying. My hosting is alivewww and they moved to a new place with funky new servers, and I accept they have some problems, but so many like disruptions!

Plus if you email them, they are just like "oh yeah the apache was down" huh?
I paid £12.99 (US$18.59) for one year , which is really cheap I guess. But now if you join it's £29.99 (US$42.92) a year. I mean I still have like 8 months left, but I don't think I will renew with them or maybe I will move if I still have all my images down so much grrr.

site of the week: this site is so hilarious! I was looking for stuff about Paganism and Wicca and found this site The Harm of Halloween It is a really hilariously funny website about Christian morals blah blah blah. I mean did you know just celebrating Halloween could cause homosexuality, piercing, and glorifying the occult! Also apparently it leads to suicide! I found the site incredibly funny, especially all the stuff about modern stuff being evil. eg Harry Porter, Pokémon, The Beatles, Lord of the Rings, and New Age Health! yes Homeopathy which I have, is evil ;)

I would email this site but quite frankly I prefer to laugh at it muchly
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