February 9th, 2002

Daniel & Ze Doggy

The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony starts in one hours time. (2am in the UK).
My parents were really shocked that America got to keep the Olympics in Salt Lake City after bribery was revealed in the Olympic Committee (from the American's).

I like Salt Lake City, it reminds me of Roseanne who was born there. It is so beautiful with the mountains. There was a show on the BBC already, and they had Donny Osmond (argh!). I was amazed that it is hard to drink in the city, unless you join a "private club", because of the strong Mormon influence.

I am not looking forwards to these Olympics for two main reasons. Firstly it all seems to be Mormon propaganda! They have the biggest stage in the world to air their views.

Also how many times will there be American flags, and praise to firefighters argh. The World Trade Centre was a horrid horrid event, but I think that if America plays it wrongly, they could piss of a international audience. Even many of my American friends on their journals are sick of flags and such like.

I hope the Olympics are really cool, but I think Sydney was really cool, and nothing could beat the ceremonies!

Years ago my family went on a holiday to Greece. It was so sad there was loads of Olympic T-shirts being sold for the games, which Atlanta one in the end. (That year was a special year, and many many people thought it should have been in Athens for the centenary). Sadly America bid more and of course won.

I don't think the UK will have Olympics for a long long time again! The sporting facilities are mostly crappy, and we no longer have any national stadium at all, its just lying derelict.

How much Pro-Americanism can you take in 2 weeks?
Will the UK win any medals at all? I want a British Snowboarding cool gurrl to win, it would be awesome!
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Daniel Moody


The union flag is flying at half-mast over Buckingham Palace

So I woke up and found BBC had turned to the news instead of their own programming and Princess Margaret had died :(

News Story

It's sad because she was the younger sister of the Queen and she was 71 years old. But also she had, had really bad health and strokes and was in a wheelchair. She had a 3rd stroke and passed away peacefully in her sleep.

She is out of pain now and not living with horrid health at least :) I am not pro Royal or against Royals but it's sad!

It's scary that her mother has lived longer than her!
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Debsy livejournal thinks your birthday is today dear....

This is a reminder that today is SnowyB's birthday (LiveJournal user: snowyb). You have SnowyB listed as a friend in your LiveJournal, so we thought this reminder would be useful.

dahhhling I cannot handle trying to think of two excellent birthday pressies for you a year! LOL

oh Debs and Rich I am posting you parcels today. Well of course not literally me posting, but they shall arrive sometime next week. The vibrators will need batteries ;)
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