February 6th, 2002

Daniel Moody

(no subject)

I think I am too bitchy and critical.
I always criticise boybands and pop and say artists are crap, but maybe that is not bitchyness, just commonsense ;)
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    Madonna - What it Feels Like for a Girl (Thunderpuss mix)
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What About Me?

Miaow a quiz about me, how narcissistic!

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Which one of these 10 things about me below, is FALSE??

I used to wear braces to straighten my teeth
I used to be a Scout, and wanted to train to be a leader
I have volunteered and worked in a soup kitchen for the homeless
My middle name is Huw, which is Welsh for Hugh (W is a vowel in Welsh)
I would love to move to America to live
I used to be heavily involved with a church and helped in services and set up a youth group
I like to dance in night clubs
I find it easier to talk to women, than to guys. I feel pressure and am scared talking to most men
I have been mugged at knife point for my money and belongings
I have recorded radio jingles