February 4th, 2002

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I am in love with Shakira. It's bizarre cos seen her on TRL imported in from America for months before she arrived here. Most musical artists seem to release in Europe first as a testing ground. eg Mary J Blige is on her second single here already. But Shakira started in America first.

Good luck for Rich, tomorrow with your new job! dahhhling you must wear dungarees ;)
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Exclusive, Breaking News

Kyra killed me with a toaster oven in The Sims!

This is outrageous! but possibly a prediction of my future.

I am gonna get the sims working again on Win ME one day, it won't work wargh! I am gonna go insane and start strangling EA support stuff soon. Everything works in the end with enough patches! lol
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I was watching Nickelodeon today and they had a premium rate phone number for a competition. They said that it was 25p for all UK callers and then said 25 euro cents for Irish!

I was so amazed. I never even thought about that! hehe
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