February 2nd, 2002

Daniel's Hair

For the first time I can hear my heart sing....

There is big storms in the UK!

They have been going on all week, but really bad this weekend.

Blackpool Seafront!

view out of the front of my house!

That was a digital pic taken looking out of my house, a few days ago! The wind is really a lot worse now.

I remember going to my Grandfather's house in Wales when I was young. He is dead now, and his beautiful house was sold in the end. But it had many power cuts, of course in London its rare. I think I can only remember one, happening all night.

My friend in Scotland texted my phone a few days ago to say that he had, had no power for 24 hours!

In other news, I had to phone up and book in a counseling centre for a psychiatrist. It was "self -referral" argh. I have to go for guidance on how to deal with anxiety and panic. I am the only person I know who is not going to a therapist! LOL

Anyway the next appointment is April!
I don't wanna go, I am gonna end up in a padded cell and YOU know it!! ;)
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Rich has got a livejournal account, after saying he would never and hell would freeze over first!

So lets go ice skating baybee ;)

I have never been on ice *true fact*, well I have but never on a ice rink.

I will get every single person I know on lj dammit ;)
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