January 29th, 2002

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Think of the Children

I am writing a journal entry on my mum’s laptop as people are using my computer grrrr. I feel so Carrie from Sex and the City dahhhhling. Now I just have to write questions on the screen like, “do you really know what happens after relationships?” and I will actually be her!

It’s funny whenever someone uses my mum’s work laptop she goes crazed and keeps screaming at you every so often, “don’t install anything, don’t use it to go online, don’t save anything to disk!!” blah blah blah. God seeing as it never goes back to her work, I think we should do anything we want with it hehe. My dad stole/borrowed/was given a computer from his university for home usage. Actually it was a plan to keep him at work, there was not enough money in the yearly budget for pay raises, but there was money spare in like equipment & stationary, so they brought staff PC’s. This was ages ago. It’s sad that really he hates his job in a university now and most of his colleagues and work friends are retiring and going part time now.

Anyway back to the topic on hand, or is that a bird in the hand, I don’t know! But I cannot stand TV shows, which have a programme about the evil of the Internet. The worst shows about it I have ever seen are Oprah and just seen a repeat of the Sally Jessy Raphael one. Another bad one I saw from the UK was “Trevor Macdonald tonight”. He is a news host here and was one of the first black presenters on TV. (He is from Trinidad). But his weekly show is such a load of crap; it is so sensational. They once had a programme about the dangers of the Internet for children with Carol Vorderman.

I cannot stand these types of show. ‘Today we logged on to the internet and like 40 men wanted to meet our fake 14 year old boy or girl info, and obviously the whole internet is evil’.

The worse was Sally J R today. A man on the computer “okay I am gonna log on as “cutie2kewl” and a man who is 40 starts speaking to this fake profile. Hmmm, why not just call yourself “pussy open for you”? According to Sally millions are being stalked right at this moment!!

I am 100% against paedophiles and child abuse as people know. I do not support that at all. (But do find it ironic how many child abusers are Catholic priests). But this show was crazy. This American cop department sets up fake chats and then sends fake kids to meet the people and then arrests them? I don’t understand what for. I guess for enticing children or something. But surely parents are letting them chat with these individuals?

The Internet is an amazing thing and has freedom. It has political parties and views that people wouldn’t normally hear in real life. There is websites for nazi’s and bigot’s and Scientologists and all sorts. There are pictures of bestiality and any topic you care to find. I think the net is a shock for people, it’s uncontrollable! Imagine if there was a war now? It would be impossible for all the news sites to be closed down. Even in the times now, the Taliban could be reading the net for all the news of what America is up too. A third world war (god forbid) would be interesting, as the whole world is together on the net.

I am also against child protection software. It censors rude words and bad sites. But every word has multiple meanings. A child at age 15 could be looking on the net for resources, help and support thinking they might be gay. “gay” could be blocked. Most of the software still has a lot of stuff available to kids anyway. The saddest story ever was the women who was chatting in a AOL chat room.. She was in a 30’s and in a chatroom that was censored. The chat was about cancer support, and she wanted to talk about breast cancer, but the world “breasts” was censored out!

I think that censorship is wrong. It’s said that 15 year old looking up gay sites is wrong, but everything teaches us stuff. Everything even if it is really sick, teaches us an experience.

Anyway back to kids on the net. If I had a kid under 14, I would have the computer in a public place and so could be watched at what they are looking at and who they are chatting too. Surely parents supervising when they go on, is the best thing? Over like 15 they can find out what they want.

But all these girls and boys they had on Sally Jessy Raphael went meeting people! What the hell? Apparently they were tricked into going to these places. Surely parents should know if they are going out to meet someone. That is way fucked up if they are sneaking out to meet people they don’t even know, and shows the parents are not supervising the net AT ALL!!

Oh my god the net is so evil and everyone is gonna be murdered on it! Some people are way crazy in real life and some are very nice, the net is exactly the same, with perhaps people lying about themselves more. I have never ever lied about myself online I don’t think, except sometimes if I cannot be arsed to tell someone about my illness, I just say “I’m in college”, it’s not my fault if they don’t go to my homepage or something.

I guess these talk shows about the dangers of the net, are sensationalism. Everything is about getting viewers. “Watch this TV show, to see how to protect your kids”.

The two last things on the topic are v.amusing…

Since Yahoo! closed down its sex shops and many of the p0rn sites accessible from it, it has had a massive fall from profits. People are using different search engines (I always use google anyway), and its losing a lot of ad revenue, plus people can shop for sex and look for porn elsewhere.

Finally the wonderful text message I got from Rich a few weeks ago. He was out shopping and was coming home on the bus and was surrounded by kids sitting down and he ended up standing. He texted me, "I dont know how anyone could be a paedophile, kids are so obnoxious and irritating, Grrrrrr" so god damn true! I love kids really ;)

Is this post way to long, or is it just me?
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I cannot log into AIM grrrr
on Trillian or on normal aim *weep*

It keeps saying...

[23:18] *** Error logging into AIM: You are attempting to sign on again too soon.
[23:18] *** See http://www.aol.com for more information.

of course aol.com has nothing about this, and "attempting to sign on again too soon?" what the hell!

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