January 28th, 2002

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Spin, Spin, Sugar

I don't feel so well

I felt really faint talking to Deborah and like I was gonna start fitting argh. I have not had a fit for ages, like a year! (but still have to take epilepsy medicine, even though I don't have epilepsy grrr).

Now I feel really really tired, and dizzy, and perhaps the flu is coming on. I should go to bed, but it does not matter how much sleep I get, I will still probably feel shit in the morning. I should go to sleep before 2 for once lol

God this post is so depressing!

I made one of my recent posts in my journal public, I am not sure if it was a good idea, but the person it was about probably would never read my journal and also probably would not mind me writing what I did.

~ I'm insane in the brain ~
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