January 22nd, 2002

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was funny, convincing Debs that's it is safe to shop at Amazon! LOL

Incidentally, I am on page 12 of Harry Potter book 1, so you better not cancel your order before you get it ;) I will read it dammit!

I was channel flicking with my mum in the living room and on one of the Sky Sports channels they had an American Football game in the snow. Playing in a foot of snow, with it coming down! (How come America gets snow, and we still have none!).

It reminded me of something Alan said ages ago to me, that it's better to play football in the snow, cos when you get injured you cannot feel it, and it's easier to knock people out lol.

I would never play sports in the rain/snow! Actually I would never play sports, but that's Sunday!

I suddenly realised today, I hate Monday's every week! New depressing week. I am turning into Garfield wargh.
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