January 16th, 2002

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Shopping Madness

Rich sent me this site.....

Shop at BBC America

The shop is selling UK goods in America! It's so weird, selling tomato soup lol.

Also it is realllllllly expensive!

Rich worked out...

"oh my god, i just checked the prices at tesco.com, a tin of tomato soup (the same one as the BBC America site) costs 44p each, convert that to dollars is 64 cents, but BBC America are charging $2.70!!!!"

"for monster munch crisps, they are selling 48 bags for $40, you can buy 48 bags in tesco for £7.44 which works out at just under $11, so they are making $29 profit!!!!!!!"

you have to do a minimum order of $20 on the site

I guess if you want British tea over there it's good or something.
Now I want an American shop in the UK, cos I wanna try loads of stuff. Smores, Chili Dogs, Red Hot Tamales, loads!
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