January 14th, 2002

Daniel & Ze Doggy

~ Drugs Shame ~

Big UK Story of the Day

Prince Harry

Bless the tabloid Sunday media for their big Prince Harry drug crazed nut headlines!

The funny thing is Tony Blair saying "How well Prince Charles handled it ,and he should be commended", coming from the father of a boy who was found drunk in the street, in the gutter! LOL

Prince Harry rides out drugs row

The Royal Family has a history of drug taking, centuries ago many were addicted to Opium and things like that as pain killers. Basically this shows that no one is 100% sweet & innocent, and many many people take Cannabis! (god he smoked Cannabis and got drunk, not injected Heroin).

One good thing about this, is that it has re-opened legalising Cannabis for everyone, in the UK! as written here

It's weird that it makes me feel happy that he has been caught by the press smoking weed! Not like in a horrid way, I like Harry and Will, but that people try everything. They are not Saints. So which royal will be found in bed with a man first? (has that happened in history already?? ;) )
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