January 10th, 2002

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Beauty is Deadly

as mamma used to say!
okay not really.

Rich says I should become a plastic nipple salesperson, which is so my new future career plan! Strangely we discussed this on the phone, before I then saw this message between Sarah & Jenn.

When I was young I remember my parents had a really old hairdryer, and oneday they were drying my hair after a bath and the cord burst into flames! (the cord was very old and worn).

Today my mum was drying her hair, and I was walking past her bedroom (she was sitting on the bed drying her hair) and she said something to me, so went in and the hairdryer kept going off and on, like the lead was dodgy. Suddenly like flames and sparks emerged and my mum threw it on the bed and I screamed "turn off the plug, turn off the plug!" lol

The cord was really worn, particually as the dog chewed loads of stuff as a puppy, but grown out of that.

Afterwards the room smelt of burning and I felt really electrofied. Like no one was hurt etc, but my hair was on the ends of my arms and stuff and there was definitly a electro feeling.

My mum stole my hairdryer then lol. Mine is a expensive Italian professionial, non cheap one, which my hairdresser friends got me, and the cord is really really thick! funny that ;)
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Daniel Moody


Rich sent me mobile phone a logo which is cool of my Urban Distinction page logo which normally looks like this but looks on my phone like this ...

my phone

It looks gorgeous, but there is two problems! one/ my phone does not do logo's so how the hell did that work lol and also two/ it won't remove! argh. I don't want parents to see my domain name, but its hard to read anyway hehe.

I worked out how to send emails from my mobile phone to people using a Internet site, so cannot stop sending little emails lol. it's so cool! (my phone is far too old for wap access or anything).

If anyone knows how to remove logos tell me! :)
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