January 8th, 2002

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Fun Games

I was really hyperactive all day today, it was weird

From 'The Register' today. Read the story about this cos its funny, but a UK department store called Debenhams has strange search results coming up if you look up stuff. Someone looked up "jugs" yesterday, looking for a glass coffee jug. Instead of this, loads of women's bras came up - which is pretty hilarious lol. This word has been fixed over night, but you can still search on the Debenhams website for "cans" "biscuit" and "espresso", for hilarious results.

It's a fun game to play (cans brings up women's black bamboo bras which really amused me)!

Read the article about it here, for all the details! (dunno how long the fun searches will last though, cos "jugs" gives you proper coffee stuff and kettles now grrrr, oh the fun is ending!)
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