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January 6th, 2002 - Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops — LiveJournal
I don't have to justify myself to you
My eye is fucked, my right eye to me, and left if you were looking at me. It's just weird. We were watching (as a family) The Mummy Returns, and my eye felt sore.

It's still really sore, and been using a homeopathic remedy called Ruta, no change yet. It's swollen and sore in the corner and feels like I have had a black eye, but not fallen or been beaten up for months dahhhling LOL

I stupidly watched another episode of MTV's Fear. It always really freaks me out and scares me and then makes me shake and get scared for the next 2 days hehe. I cannot handle intensity at all hehe.

Current Mood: scared scared
Current Music: Nelly Furtado - Party

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